Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two is Not Enough

I have written and published two books.
That is what I said for two straight years when I talked about my books.  In that time, I had been working on a few, particularly Wise Turned Foolish and Active Waiting.  I had stories bubbling up inside me.  I couldn’t get to the computer every morning fast enough.  When I got there, I couldn’t get to work and type my words fast enough.
Only two books?  In light of the pace I was going, I was going to have a third one–and counting–out.
Then, two years and many hours of writing later, I published Wise Turned Foolish.
I now have to get used to saying I have written and published three books.
Here’s what I now say after that:  And more are coming.
Lesson learned:  Never limit your potential.