Friday, October 20, 2017

I'm Considered His Equal

I've heard it said that after two weeks of something great happening to you, you are to put it behind you and look forward to something even better.  I will apply that principle to an awesome opportunity I had two weeks ago today.

Ever since 2014, I have gone to the Fan Boy Expo comic con, whether to go walk around and do my favorite pastime of people watching, to volunteer, or to sell my books.  It didn't occur to me at first that I could meet celebrities, and even attend their question-and-answer sessions and ask questions about anything about their career.  I recall attending the first one without meeting Sean Astin, one of my favorite actors from my childhood.  When I realized I could do this, I decided one of the reasons for me to attend this convention was to meet the celebrities.  In taking this up, I have met Anthony Michael Hall, Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad), Richard White (voice of the Gaston in Beauty and the Beast), Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson).

Two weeks ago, I met Dee Snider at this fall's Fan Boy Expo.  Those of you who are around my age range will remember him from the '80s, with that one much-controversial hit, "We're Not Gonna Take it Anymore".  Of course, Snider himself has gone on to many other things, not the least of which is publishing a few books and doing an unlimited number of things in the film industry.

Needless to say, I wanted to consider him a proud possessor of his own copy of Wise Turned Foolish.

Image result for dee snider

But I had no idea it would exceed my expectations and...yes...even my dream. (I had had a great one a few weeks before this event.)

The following is the script of my few minutes with Dee Snider:

[Enter: Faye Wilson Walton]

Dee: Do you have something for me to sign?

Me:  No.  I have something for you that I will sign.

Dee:  Cool.  [Points to my Sinful Lilly t-shirt].  I love that t-shirt.

Me:  Thank you.  Sinful Lilly needs to open up for you someday. [Writes in book:  Dee- May you always want to rock!  Faye Wilson Walton October 2017.  Hands book to Dee.]

Dee:  As you may know, I've written some books, myself.  This is awesome what you're doing.  Keep it up.

Me:  Thank you. 

[Exit: Faye Wilson Walton]

I spent the rest of the weekend floating.  Why?  Because Dee, in the fast few minutes I had with him, considered me to be his equal.  

Ever since then, I've only wanted to write more and imagine myself talking with him about the great plans I have for my books.  

I'm sure it will happen...or something similar to that, which would be even better.

Based on the dream I had had prior to this meeting, and the reality being bigger and better than that, I only want to imagine things more.  

However, I will now move forward, considering my meeting Dee Snider as a stepping stone.  Yet it would blow my mind if our paths crossed again.  

All I can say is:  I can dream.