Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Survived the Move

On February 23rd, I was faced with a challenge.  I had had a few weeks to think about how I was going to do it.  How I had been doing it was comfortable and simple, didn't require much thought.  I needed to think of a creative way to do this.  In that way, I wouldn't experience any heartache or distress.

I had to pack to get ready to move, to another city, to the next chapter of my life.  Though I had a special way to pack our wall clock, the drinking glasses and coffee mugs, the two cake domes, and the pictures (just to name a few things), there was one small thing I needed to pay even closer attention to:  My flash drive.

This contains eight years of hard work.
We knew this move was inevitable, we wanted it to happen.  The whole time, I had wondered where I was going to put this small but valuable device, which has all of my books, both past and present, on there.  

After all, although I can replace any of the fragile items, I cannot come close to restoring eight years of hard work.  Though I had backed up most of my books on Google Drive, I didn't want to lose this flash drive.  

What did I do?  I put it in my wallet; it has a pocket in there that has a zipper.  How can you tell you're a writer?  When you need to find a wallet that has a secure place to put an external hard drive.

This burden, the anxiety of working hard to keep this flash drive during a move, has now been lifted.  I'm now a stronger person, better able to focus on details, and most of all, a more passionate and dedicated writer.  I can't wait to see what even better things I will write.