Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What I Gave Up Today

Many of you who read my posts know that in order to be successful, you have to give up things. For authors like me, if you want to write a book, you have to do or not do things, such as not binge watch your favorite TV program or spend a lot of idle time on Facebook, sharing every good thing you see.

Though I don't watch much TV or spend a lot of needless time on Facebook, the one thing I have had a struggle with since the very beginning is housework. Not a day goes by that I don't wake up thinking about all of the things on my to-do list. I often feel pressured, especially when I'm bursting with inspiration. There are some days where it's easy to put it off, some not so.

I remember first learning this aspect of time management in 2012. Simply put: Write first, then clean. Don't worry about cleaning. It can wait. 

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Today was one of those harder days. It was my day off from my regular job.  My husband's work attire was unpressed, dinner was uncooked, and there is a sink load of dishes that need to be washed.  Also, due to time constraints I had had over the past week, I hadn't been able to work much on Twofold Love Comeback.  I know too well that if I go many days without working on it (or something), or if I have to watch my time while I write, I'll fall to pieces.  My sanity depended on writing as much as possible today; my characters were screaming at me (those who also write would understand that phrase).

This morning, as my husband and I were talking about plans for today, he reminded me he was going to be at a class this evening. He also reminded me that he was going to get only one ten-minute break. I had to really register what he said about dinner: "Don't go out of your way to fix me dinner."

As hard as it was to not cook more chicken breasts in the skillet, I didn't do it. I had to get over the fact that though my husband has worked so hard today and will have a busy evening, he won't be able to eat any of the homemade food he loves so much.  I loved how he showed continual support for me as a writer. 
I am so proud of myself for practicing this unusual self-restraint. This was a perfect opportunity to practice more of that "giving up," to take it to a higher level.

Therefore, I was able to accomplish the following today:

(1) Get toward the end of Twofold Love Comeback.
(2) Make announcements on Facebook about events I'm going to with my books.
(3) Broaden the options to have my books available digitally.
(4) See about other possibilities for events.
(5) Share a funny excerpt from Twofold Love Comeback on Facebook.
(6) Make this post.

As I'm drawing this post to a close, I can do so knowing I've had a very productive day. I'm satisfied and not frazzled or rushed. Tomorrow, on the other hand...but that's tomorrow. I will now eat the leftovers in the refrigerator, feeling good about not having to cook.

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