Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Future Retreat Spot

By the end of the first weekend this month, I had everything ready for the big exciting weekend ahead. With all of the busyness involved in it, my husband and I decided to take a vacation afterward. Of course, I took my laptop with me. An author's work is never done. It takes no vacations. I knew where we were staying would be so conducive to writing. I spent as much time as possible writing in the mornings, which is the time of day I write when I'm home.

Something I've kept in the back of my mind to find was my go-to place for a writing retreat. I've kept seeking something out.

Well, my search is over!

I have chosen a cabin at Navy Lake in Lake Altoona, Georgia. 

To be more specific, the best place for me to write in the cabin was the screened-in porch. Though in the four-day, three-night vacation I opened my laptop a grand total of one time, ideas flowed out effortlessly for my work on Twofold Love Comeback.

What I like about the location is, it's not entirely out in the middle of nowhere. Just a mere twenty minutes from the cabin is Kennesaw, a suburb of Atlanta. There are some beautiful parks where I can go for a run or some restaurant I can try.

Now, it's time for me to set aside some money for me to go here on a crisp fall day. Just me, my laptop, and a notebook to write in. Whatever book I'll be working on at that time, I will be sure to mention part of it was written at Navy Lake.

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